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Eclipse of the Heart

4.5 star Review from Romance Junkies! …Carly Carson has penned a delightfully sensuous and seductive romance that is perfect for your summer beach bag.

Blurb: To save her sister, a sexy businesswoman accepts a mysterious, high-paying job with a hot business tycoon, but he thinks he’s hired a new mistress.

Excerpt: “This is my hotel room,” Amanda said. She frowned at her new boss, who stood sideways to her, his broad shoulder propped against the cream and gold striped wallpaper lining the penthouse corridor in Chicago’s Dover Hotel.

“It’s a suite,” Logan said, his deep voice feathering over the back of her neck.

She fought back a shiver. She should have worn something more protective. Kevlar. A burka.

The light on the doorknob flashed red.

“Allow me.” Logan plucked the card out of her hand and gently inserted it. The little green light flashed in invitation.

“Stupid key thinks this is your room, too,” Amanda muttered.

Logan turned the handle and pushed the door open. “This is my suite also.”

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