London has amazing historical sites that you shouldn’t miss.

Photo of Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Here’s Westminster Abbey. My kids wanted to go inside because that’s where the marriage of Kate and William took place. Hubby and I had already been in, so we decided to walk over to the War Rooms which have been preserved intact from WW 2.

This is where Churchill and his top war ministers lived while London was being bombed. It’s all underground, quite tiny and spartan. The kitchen gives you a good idea of how they lived.Photo of kitchen in Churchill's underground bunker After the war ended, they discovered the underground bunker was not properly constructed and never would have survived a direct hit from a German bomb. But, for the duration of the war, they at least thought they were safe there.

Our reward for taking in some history is that we saw the Queen drive by in a big caravan of limos. This was in June of 2011 and she was celebrating her birthday. There was no one around because she was merely on her way to Buckingham Palace 2Buckingham Palace, where they were having ceremonies. We didn’t tell our kids. They would have been so disappointed to have missed her.