RedThis week, I’m posting from a work in progress. The current title is Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf.

Excerpt: “Then I am the big, bad wolf,” he declared. “Haven’t you heard of me?”

Little Red nodded. “Every girl knows your tale.”

He straightened casually and stepped away from the tree. “Then you’ve been warned,” he said. “Let’s move on from the nursery tale.”

“Move on?” She clutched her basket, but her heart thudded with delight. He smelled like fire looked – hot and sparkling and blazing with heat and hope. She sucked in a deep breath of wonder.

Wolf’s arm reached out and snagged her waist. “You’ll give me a kiss, won’t you? I’m sure a kiss is nothing new to you.”

She giggled. “I don’t kiss and tell, naughty Wolf.”

 “That’s good.” He pulled her closer, his touch gentle. “You’ll never want to tell what we do together.”

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