Love Charm for Gillian Excerpt

LCFG WEB PROMO middleBlurb: Gillian traveled to the Dalmation Coast to close the door on tragedy. But an adventurer with a private yacht may be just the type of enticement she can’t resist…for better or for worse.


“Here’s the jumping spot,” Cameron said. He shucked his navy t-shirt over his head without warning, and dropped it on the rocks. Gillian sucked in a breath that would have been audible if not for the noise of the waves battering the cliff in their endless quest for passage. His gray board shorts hung low on his hips, hugging his waist just below his carved abs. She could have spent the rest of the day staring at the nice fit.

But other delights needed to be checked out. His tight abs, that fanned up to a muscular chest and broad shoulders with chiseled biceps. His warm tan. The black hair that outlined his pecs, virtually disappeared on his stomach, and reappeared, with a little more presence, to arrow down into his shorts.

She wouldn’t be surprised if her mouth were hanging open, particularly when Cameron grinned at her as if he knew exactly what was going through her mind. He placed his wallet and phone on top of his t-shirt.

“Do I dare to ask if you’ll follow suit?” he asked, letting his gaze rest for a moment on her tank top.

She waved back the way they’d come. “With all those people watching?” Clumps of colorfully clad vacationers dotted the gray and tan rocks wherever there was a spot wide enough to sit down.

“You could be an exhibitionist for all I know,” he answered, grinning. “If it were my lucky day.”

“Not your lucky day, then.” She dropped her bag, kicked off her flip-flops, and jumped into the sea.

She heard Cameron’s gasp over her head, and then his laughter rang out, coming closer as he jumped in after her.

The cool blue water closed over her head, sparkling around her. She let it refresh her for a moment, before she kicked up, breaking through the surface of the foaming white water. Cameron was already bobbing at the surface, looking in her direction with a bit of anxiety in his eyes.

“That was a gutsy move, Red,” he said.

“Not really.” She tossed back her hair and smiled with sheer joy. “You didn’t strike me as the type of man who’d be out here cliff-diving if it wasn’t safe to do.”

He returned her smile with an infectious one of his own. “You don’t want to rely on me to be cautious.”

She laughed. “Me neither.”

“I got that, Red.” He shoved his black hair back on his head. “Now do you want to swim around out here, or jump again?”

“Is there a way out?”

He threw back his head and laughed, his teeth white against the tanned column of his throat. “Some people,” he said, “would have established an exit strategy before jumping in.”

She shrugged, her shoulders barely clearing the water. But his gaze fixed on them.

“I want to jump in again,” she said.

He pointed behind her. “Swim over there, and you’ll see a way to climb out onto the rocks.”

Fortunately, she was an excellent swimmer. The current kept trying to push her onto the face of the cliff, but she was able to reach the small opening and clamber up. It wasn’t until she regained her footing and turned back to check on Cameron, that she realized she had a problem. Her cream tank top clung to her body like a second skin, and the reason she noticed it was that Cameron’s eyes were glued to her breasts as he pulled himself out of the water. Of course, that was somewhat fair as her gaze was locked onto the play of muscles in his broad shoulders as he hoisted himself onto the horizontal rock.

Still, it was somehow more socially acceptable for her to enjoy his muscles than it was for him to enjoy her near nudity. She crossed her arms over her chest.

Cameron shook his head. “A shame to hide such a gorgeous view.”

She almost giggled. “You’re staring.”

“I don’t want to objectify you,” he said with a wink. “But I’m a man and you’re hot. So I’m stuck.”

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“If you’re looking for a touch of magic with your romance, there is a fun set of four novellas by Carly Carson that you should check out: The Love Charm Series: Love Charms for Carlotta, Brenna, Ashley, Dakota. This is a perfect read for a summer day at the beach, lazing on a lounge by a lake, or beating the heat with the AC. Each story focuses on one of four BFFs – Carlotta, Brenna, Ashley, and Dakota – who find their true love through the use of a magical silver bean, a spray of perfume, and the light of the moon over a body of water. Once their wish is made, their fated love (aka a hunky alpha hero) soon arrives. Each of the four novellas in this bundle is a pretty quick and fun read, featuring interesting characters and a bit of steamy romance too.”

~Emsy Van Wyck

“These four stories were such a good reads, I did not put the book down until I finished them all. Each story was about a friend of a friend and they all fell in love after the silver bean was crushed with their favorite flower, lock of hair and sprayed with fav perfume made into a paste, then put into a sachet with a full moon and throw into a body of water. That’s all it takes ladies. If you want a fun, loving romance stories this is the book for you.”


Tall Dark and Loaded

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