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Book Boyfriends CafeWelcome to my page for the Book Boyfriends Cafe. Each week, I’ll feature a different excerpt from one of my romance stories. At the bottom of each excerpt, you can link back to the Cafe to find excerpts from other great romance authors. Thanks for joining us!

Today’s excerpt is from Eclipse of the Heart.

Eclipse of the Heart-AmazonBlurb: To save her sister, Amanda accepts a mysterious, high-paying job with a hot business tycoon, but he thinks he’s hired a new mistress.

Excerpt: “I intend to perform this job to the best of my ability,” Amanda said. “As I told you before.”

“You take an unusual amount of pride in your…ah, profession,” Logan replied.

Her back stiffened. “I work hard.”

His lips twitched. “Don’t worry about my ego.”

She barely restrained a snort. He had enough ego for ten men. “The agency told me you were a demanding boss.” Let his ego take that.

Surprise flitted across his face. “I suppose that’s true.” He smiled at her. “Though I save the rough stuff for my business adversaries.”

“I don’t mind a tough boss. You warned me that this was a job, nothing more.”

“I have every intention of treating you with respect. So forget the tough boss routine.”

“What do you mean?” Now she was surprised.

He took a step toward her. “I’d prefer to show you what I mean.”

She froze in bewildered shock as he folded his arms around her. He bent his head, and before she knew what he meant to do, he touched his lips to hers. Just a soft, warm brush of his mouth over hers. Nothing threatening at all. If she didn’t count the buzz that ran over every one of her nerves.

“Logan!” She tried to step back, but his arms didn’t release her.

Instead, he reached up and massaged the back of her neck. Pleasure sizzled over her skin and she dropped her shoulders to allow him more access. Oh, that felt good.

His long fingers explored an inch or two down into the back of her blouse. “You’re very tense,” he said. “It will be better for you if you can relax.”

“I don’t need to relax.” She needed to breathe. Before she collapsed at his feet, and he got the wrong idea about how he made her feel. Because this wasn’t right.

He didn’t seem to be getting the same message.

“I told the agency I wanted someone different,” he said, licking the edge of her mouth with his hot tongue. “But I didn’t expect them to be so successful.” He angled his head and kissed her neck.

“I hardly think the agency had anything to do with this.”

“Mmmm.” He dropped another light kiss on her mouth. “Physical attraction is hard to predict.”

“I’m not attracted to you!” Her breath strangled in her throat as she fought a moan. His hands were very close now to the undersides of her breasts.

“Are you sure about that?”



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3d cover

This week I’m sharing a hot encounter between two characters in my book, Duke of Devonwood, a contemporary romance that is featured in this anthology, Summer Lovin’. 14 contemporary romances for 99 cents! What a great way to start your summer.

Here’s my excerpt:

Devonwood 200Blurb: Miranda is not about to let some English duke tell her what she can do with her own inheritance. This is, after all, the twenty-first century. Unfortunately, her father appointed the duke her trustee. Fortunately, she’s determined, hard-working, and maybe a touch devious. She vows to do whatever it takes to foil the duke…

The Duke of Devonwood could handle Miranda and her schemes…if only she weren’t so enticing.

Excerpt: Once Miranda’s eyes adjusted to the brilliant light, something more forceful even than the garden or the pink house caught her attention. A dark-haired man had risen to his feet. His gray eyes were fastened in surprise on Highgrove.

Two lean, tan dogs rose alongside him.

“I believe I asked to be undisturbed this afternoon,” the dark-haired man said.

Yum. Miranda shivered. That plummy British accent combined with the deep baritone voice buzzed her skin as if he’d physically caressed her.

She could see this man as an eighteenth century nobleman, with a crisp bowler on his head, and a long-tailed formal jacket outlining his delectable form as he surveyed his domain with a smug certainty that he deserved it all.

Of course, she could also see him as a pirate with a bandana tied around his head, and a white grin daring anyone to defy him as he plundered.

There was a certain look in his eyes that said he’d take what he wanted and leave the rule-following for those in his wake.

But, most of all she could see him bareheaded, wearing nothing at all, naked in bed.

She shivered, telling herself it was anger, not pleasure that caused such a strong reaction to this man.

Because, clearly, they’d been conned again. This man was not the duke. His black hair held no hint of gray. His bold features were strong and firm, marked only by small wrinkles fanning from his eyes.

She could see the outline of his body beneath a white oxford-cloth shirt and dark wool trousers. There was no hint of the soft slide toward middle-age, let alone old age. The white shirt was folded up onto his forearms, showing the taut muscles of a well-exercised man. She pegged his age as somewhere between thirty and thirty-five.

Highgrove cleared his throat. “Pardon me—”

“There is no need to make excuses,” Miranda snapped. “I will not be put off by this game you all seem to be playing.”

“Game?” The dark-haired man raised his eyebrows.

Miranda scowled at him. “I came all the way from New York to see the Duke of Devonwood. I keep getting passed off to other men. I suppose you all hope I’ll give up and go away. But, if you think so, then you don’t know me.”

“Part of your logic is irrefutable.” Mr. Yummy glanced over her. “I don’t know you.”

The anthology is on preorder now and available for sale on May 19th. This is a limited edition book so grab your copy now!

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ARe-Carson-LoveCharm02-BrennaLove Charm for Brenna

Brenna casts her love charm at a ritzy Venetian masquerade ball. She knows exactly which guy she wants to win. But two intriguing men appear at the ball. Can she see beneath the disguises to her own true love, even if he’s the unexpected one?


“My secret is out,” Joe said.

“You mean that’s for me?” Brenna looked up at him.

He laughed. “Oh, yeah.”

“What—what are we going to do about it?”

“That’s up to you.”

She gulped. Was she ready to turn her world on its axis?

He tipped her chin up. “Don’t you ever wonder, Brenna?”

“Wonder what, Joe?” She stared into his eyes, as something big and throbbing and totally unexpected welled up in her throat. Joe wanted to kiss her? Joe?

The boy who’d been her friend as long as she could remember had turned into this tall, mysterious man who leaned over her, in a stance both protective and demanding. A man who wanted her in all the ways a man could want a woman. She saw it suddenly in his eyes, in his whole demeanor. He had decided to make a move. Her decision was whether to welcome him, or to turn away.

“Haven’t you ever wondered what we’d be like together,” he said softly.

She hesitated. “I hadn’t,” she admitted. “But—”

“But what?” He leaned closer, his warm male scent enveloping her. She breathed in deeply, calming the jitters that danced within her.

What did she want? He’d said whatever they did would be up to her. Her thoughts raced.

Did Joe really want to alter the terms of their relationship? Did she? Could their friendship survive sex?

She gazed up into his brown eyes, mysterious now even without the black mask. Hunger burned there. No, it smoldered. He’d banked it, and it would not burst into flame without her willingness to ignite it.

Her gaze roved over his broad shoulders, and his shadowed face, that she knew so well. There was only one part of him she didn’t know.

And she suddenly knew what she wanted to do.

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200x300Red Riding Hood

Blurb: Red Riding Hood is a happy-go-lucky girl who enjoys having the attention of the boys in the village. Then a stranger comes to the forest, a man known only as Wolf. To the dismay of the village boys, he enters the rivalry for her favors.

Wolf has all the skills to make her want him. But does she have the strength to choose him in defiance of all her friends and family? Even more importantly, is he the right man for her?

And what she should do about Granny’s warnings?

Excerpt: For a long moment, Wolf stared at her. Then he jumped to his feet. “Come, Little Red. The sky is darkening. Granny is waiting.”

He pulled her to her feet. Gently, he lifted her blouse and arranged it over her breasts. “Tomorrow,” he said, “you’ll wear this thing—” He plucked lightly on one of the corset straps, “—without the white blouse underneath.”

“I’ll do no such thing!” she exclaimed, his words snapping her out of her sensual daze. “Do you think my mama would allow me out of the house dressed so wickedly?”

“That’s why you have the red cape, silly girl.” His grin was strained, but his white teeth flashed. “You will pull it over your peek-a-boo top so no one will see what you’re hiding until you show it to me.”

Hmmm, that might be possible. Her nipples buzzed. Would he touch them again if she did as he ordered?

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Love Charm Thumb Love Charm for Dakota

Blurb: Nantucket is the home of hedge fund titans, old money and hidebound tradition. Into Cabot Saltonstall’s sedate world blows Dakota Bishop, possessor of a wild spirit and a magical love charm. Cabot’s blue-blood family history includes an ancestor who resigned from the Salem Witch trials, because he refused to believe in witchcraft.

But Cabot is all too willing to be bewitched.

Dakota can’t stay still long enough for anyone to tie her down, nor is Cabot the right kind of guy for her. If only he’d have sex with her so she could get him out of her system. Why does he need to be so traditional with his emotions and plans for the future? Does she know enough of witchcraft to overcome the spell of the accidentally cast love charm?

Excerpt: “What’s she telling you?” Cabot materialized beside them. He wrapped an arm around Dakota’s waist. It felt good. “I see you’ve met my sis. Only believe the good things she says about me.”

“Don’t worry,” Dakota said, giving him a warmer smile than she would have if Elizabeth hadn’t interfered. “She hasn’t had a chance to tell me the bad stuff yet.”

Cabot laughed, even as he glanced around the room. “Where is that infernal Hoot?”

“Hooooot!” he bellowed out through the doorway he’d just come through.

A tall, slender man wearing yellow suspenders, a blue-striped shirt, and round, horn-rimmed eyeglasses barreled into the dining room.

“What the f—” He cut the word short, his gaze winging from Elizabeth to Dakota. “Sorry, ladies, almost forgot the house rules. Cabot, I ain’t gonna follow you around all night with this damned mistletoe.”

“Just hold it over our heads,” Cabot said, “and I’ll forgive you for the swearing and maybe invite you back next year.”

Rolling his eyes, Hoot lifted his arm and dangled the ball of mistletoe over Dakota.

“Finally!” Cabot swept her into a crushing embrace, and placed his lips on hers. Before she knew what was happening, he licked inside her mouth and touched her tongue.

She lit up like the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. One tiny touch, and something big and explosive erupted inside her. She opened her mouth and kissed him back, seeking more of his tongue, raising her arms to wrap around his neck so that all of her was available to him. His entire body moved subtly against hers, caressing her, and she pressed herself against him as if they were all alone, and in bed. The only thought in her head, other than pleasure, was the yearning to be naked with him.

When Cabot released her, she stared at him, stunned. He bent his head to murmur into her ear. “I knew it would be like that.”

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March 21, 2015

EBOOK-Carson-LoveCharm01-Ashley-678x1024Love Charm for Ashley

Blurb: A lonely teacher casts her homemade love charm into the cold waters of Boston Harbor. She wants desperately to believe in her unique magic ingredient to win her a “forever after” love.

The hot Special Forces soldier who appears is desperate for her. But the world is his stomping ground, and nothing lasts for more than a night.

Does the love charm have enough power to create the magic of true love?

Excerpt: “Ashley!” Brenna’s eyes telegraphed a message of excitement. “Look who’s here!”

“Who?” Ashley couldn’t help looking at the man, and their gazes locked as he smiled at her.

“I’m Glen.” He held out his hand and, reluctantly, Ashley responded. She forced herself to break contact with his eyes, but then her gaze got caught on his wide shoulders, moved down to admire his muscular arms, and progressed directly to his strong forearms. It was only when she reached the sight of their hands clasped together that she realized she’d been holding onto him for too long.

And her entire body buzzed from that one point of contact.

“Hey,” he said softly, leaning down to speak close to her ear. “You’re shivering.”

Somehow he was clasping her hand now, instead of shaking it, and he tried to pull her closer to his warmth.

She had to resist. “Brenna—” she gasped. It was too awkward to try to explain that she’d never take a man from her best friend, even if he were the most appealing man she’d ever seen.

But he must have understood. Suddenly, he laughed. “Brenna is my sister,” he said.

“Oh!” Excitement fizzed within her. He wasn’t taken, at least not by Brenna. Also, that’s why he’d somehow seemed familiar. Though she hadn’t recognized him in the dark, she’d seen pictures of him and heard so many stories from Brenna that she felt like she knew him. Not that her knowledge brought any comfort in its wake. One thing she knew for sure was that he was a here-today, gone-tomorrow type of guy.

“And you are?” Glen broke into her thoughts.

“Ashley.” She refused to be drawn into his orbit.

“You’re Brenna’s roommate?” He raised his brows. “That’s great.”

She knew better than to ask, but the word came out anyway. “Why?”

He gave her an irresistible grin that she recognized from the photos. All white teeth and wicked curves. “That means I’ll be spending the night with you.”

“Very funny.” She held his gaze, determined not to let him know the flutter his words set up in her breast. Because she knew, with every fiber of her being, that he was the type who could shred her heart without even breaking a sweat.

He winked at her, and she dropped her gaze, realizing he’d caught her staring.

“Don’t be so prickly,” he said. “Join us for a drink. I’m here with some of my mates who hail from New England. Call it a welcome home for a returning soldier.”

“Thank you for your service,” she said primly. “But I’m not attracted to macho men.”

A lie if she’d ever said one. Her entire body was vibrating like a tuning fork that had been struck. Her nipples buzzed madly, her back had straightened ’til it felt like a classroom ruler, and the rest of her simply yearned. Yearned to give in to the pull he exerted, to be drawn against his hard frame.

Pathetic, that’s what she was.

“Good thing I’m not a macho man, then.” His quick grin hit her right in her chest, where butterflies already danced in a mad frenzy. He was too attractive. She should go home.

“Come on.” He pulled gently on the hand he somehow still held. “Brenna’s told me so much about you. I want to hear all about your love charm.” He laughed, his dark eyes gleaming.

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Devonwood 200Duke of Devonwood

Blurb: Miranda’s father left her inheritance under the trusteeship of a Duke of England? Did he not realize this is the twenty-first century? She is certainly capable of managing her own money. More importantly, she needs that money to start her business, and to keep her family together.

She is not about to sit around while some arrogant Duke tells her what she can do with her own inheritance. Luckily, she’s determined, hard-working, and a touch devious. She vows to do whatever it takes to foil the Duke…

The Duke of Devonwood doesn’t want more dependents. With an entire dukedom to run, plus his father’s second family to manage, he has too many people hanging on his coattails already. But this headstrong American, Miranda, won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. In fact, she soon has his other dependents conniving with her—and against him.

He could handle the problem…if only she weren’t so enticing.

Excerpt: Drawing a deep breath for courage, Miranda grasped the edge of the pool. Devonwood’s rhythm faltered, just for a second, but she knew he was watching her.

She pulled herself out of the water, naked as the moonlight.

He stopped swimming.

Although she was pretending to be unconscious of his movements, she was well aware of the moment when the water stopped rippling, indicating that he’d halted.

She sauntered over to the lounge chair. His eyes were glued to her, something she knew with one hundred percent certainty, even though she couldn’t see him. But she could feel his gaze burning her.

When she bent over to pick up a towel, he sucked in a quick breath. Her heart pounded with excitement and fear. If only she could turn around and see what he was doing. Was he angry, aroused, amused?

She knew he was not indifferent, because he had not resumed swimming.

Then she turned around, and sat down on the edge of the pool chair, giving him a full-frontal view. She reached behind herself, picked up another towel, and wrapped it around herself.

“There!” She sounded as brainless as Tweety bird. “Nobody saw a thing.”

“I saw lots of…things.” Devonwood’s deep voice rumbled in the darkness.

She laughed. “No one made you look.”

With two strokes, he was at the side of the pool. “Let’s see how far you’re willing to go. Jiggle those things for me.”

“Goodness.” She managed a light laugh. “I’d better get dressed.”

She stood, picked up her thin cotton dress, and well, she had to do it. She dropped the towel and then pulled the dress, as slowly as she dared, over her head. It settled down around her, but she knew it was reasonably transparent when she stood in the full light of the moon, because she’d checked earlier.

When her vision cleared, she jumped in alarm.

The duke had climbed silently out of the pool, and was standing in front of her, his hair slicked back, his broad shoulders providing a sturdy platform for translucent drops of water, and his hands clenched in fists at his sides.

She had to remain cool, or she would lose control of her scheme. Picking up a towel, she rubbed it against her head.

“Are you trying to provoke me,” he said, “or does it just come naturally?”

She dropped the towel, shook back her hair, and took a step toward him. “I was out here minding my own business. You—” she poked him in the chest “—are the one who showed up and started criticizing me.”

“Anyone could have found you in the pool. What if I’d been Godfrey?” He grabbed the finger that had been poking him.

“For crying out loud! I would have asked him to turn his back so I could get a towel.”

“You didn’t ask me to turn my back.” His big hand, cool with water drops, hot from his inner heat, curled around hers.

“You’re a grown man,” she said breathlessly. And some part of the grown man in front of her was growing right now, and it was pressing against her with eager demand.

“I thought you’d be able to get over the sight of a naked woman,” she added, her voice faint as she looked up into his hot gaze.

“That’s where you’re wrong. At least, not when the naked woman is you.” He pulled on her captured hand, she cried out and stumbled forward and then she was in his arms.     

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