Hot Encounter – Red Riding Hood

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Excerpt: Even as Red Riding Hood approached the darkest part of the woods, where tall pine trees blocked the sun, and the flowers disappeared, and the path faded to a black snarl lined by brooding ferns, still, she remained merry.

Granny was waiting for her goodies, the delicious treats that Red and her mama had baked at dawn. The scents of chocolate and vanilla teased Red’s nose, providing a pleasant counterpoint to the dark, pungent smell of the inner forest. Granny would ask her if she’d made any progress in finding a boy for her eighteenth birthday. Then she’d tell tales of her own misspent youth, leaving out the interesting parts.

Despite the missing parts, Red still enjoyed their talks.

A movement startled her, as a pair of keen gray eyes flashed unexpectedly in the gloom of the forest. She clutched her basket, aware suddenly that she was all alone and a tall man she didn’t know was leaning against one of the few oak trees that had managed to establish its dominance in this northern evergreen forest. Even more alarming, the man’s eyes were caressing her in a bold manner that the boys from the village would never attempt. (Her father would speak to them sharply if they did.)

“Little Red,” he said, in a deep voice that woke up the forest, and buzzed over her skin.

Her skips faltered, and then stopped altogether, as if his voice alone had thrown a barrier across the path.

“Good morning,” she managed. She was always polite. (Her mother had raised her that way and besides, her life was such that good manners were easy.)

He smiled, and the smile spread warmth over her, as if she were suddenly standing in sunshine on a bright summer day, rather than in the middle of a dark forest. A few rays of real sunshine suddenly sparkled in the dark green rooftop above her, like hidden gold coins among the dense leaves.

She stepped closer to the man. “Who are you?”

“Are you traveling to grandma’s house?” he asked, still with that lazy smile.


“Then I am the big, bad wolf,” he declared. “Surely you’ve heard of me?”

She nodded, suddenly alert, but for some reason, not afraid. “Every girl knows your tale.”

He straightened casually and stepped away from the tree. “Then you’ve been warned,” he said. “Let’s move on from the nursery tale.”

“Move on?” She clutched her basket, but her heart thudded with delight. He smelled like fire looked – hot and sparkling and blazing with heat and hope. She sucked in a deep breath of wonder.

Wolf’s arm reached out and snagged her waist. “You’ll give me a kiss, won’t you? A kiss is nothing new to you, I’m sure.”

She giggled. “I don’t kiss and tell, naughty wolf.”

“That’s good.” He pulled her closer, his touch gentle. “You’ll never want to tell what we do together.”      

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Morning After – Eclipse of the Heart

Eclipse of the Heart-Amazon

Eclipse of the Heart

Blurb: Amanda Thompson is offered her dream job as a junior executive at a Manhattan venture firm. The terms are a little vague, but she has a seriously ill sister to provide for, and her new boss is a seriously attractive man. Failure is not an option, so she’ll keep her eye on the prize, and her heart and body out of the mix…despite the boss’s overly personal interest in her.

Logan Winter is a hard-driving business tycoon who likes his sex life hot and his emotional life cold. His new high-end call girl is a little different from the ordinary bimbos who fill the role. That’s okay, since he’s ready for different. Even discovering the mistake that’s been made is okay, because he knows how to get what he wants…and he wants Amanda.

Excerpt: Logan slid away from Amanda on the king-sized bed. The movement was automatic, a habit of necessity. Women liked to cling, and he couldn’t bear it.

In a few minutes, he would try to take her again. But for now, he needed his own space.

“Is something wrong?” Her clear voice pierced the dark silence of his bedroom.

“No.” He closed his eyes, knowing he was shutting her out completely, but helpless to change his behavior. “Give me a few minutes.”

She moved. He heard the whisper of her body on the sheet.

“I need to go,” she said, her voice low.

He would never ask a woman to stay. But—”I want you again,” he said. He almost reached out a hand.

But, no. He couldn’t do it. Emotions were poisonous.

She sat up. “I can’t stay.”

He heard the uncertainty in her voice, and understood it. She needed reassurance. Hugs and kisses would be best, but that wasn’t his style.

He turned on his side and propped himself up on an elbow. “We still haven’t done slow and easy,” he said.

She gave a muffled giggle. “I bet you’ve never done slow and easy.”

He smiled, though he knew she couldn’t see it in the dark. “Now that’s a challenge. Just what I like.”

Suddenly, his need for her was greater than his need for separateness. He reached across the gulf between them.

“Let me show you,” he said.

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The Billionaire’s Mistress

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Eclipse of the Heart

4.5 star Review from Romance Junkies! …Carly Carson has penned a delightfully sensuous and seductive romance that is perfect for your summer beach bag.

Blurb: To save her sister, a sexy businesswoman accepts a mysterious, high-paying job with a hot business tycoon, but he thinks he’s hired a new mistress.

Excerpt: “This is my hotel room,” Amanda said. She frowned at her new boss, who stood sideways to her, his broad shoulder propped against the cream and gold striped wallpaper lining the penthouse corridor in Chicago’s Dover Hotel.

“It’s a suite,” Logan said, his deep voice feathering over the back of her neck.

She fought back a shiver. She should have worn something more protective. Kevlar. A burka.

The light on the doorknob flashed red.

“Allow me.” Logan plucked the card out of her hand and gently inserted it. The little green light flashed in invitation.

“Stupid key thinks this is your room, too,” Amanda muttered.

Logan turned the handle and pushed the door open. “This is my suite also.”

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My Sexy Saturday

ARe-Carson-LoveCharm03-CarlottaLove Charm for Carlotta

Short Story in Love Charm Series

Blurb: Carlotta doesn’t believe in love charms. Especially not when the bad boy hockey player from her past suddenly re-appears in her life. Has the love charm brought him back to her? She doesn’t intend to find out. But, in the small town island atmosphere of Martha’s Vineyard, it’s hard to escape your past. Do people change, or will she be courting heartbreak again if she  succumbs once more to her high school sweetheart?

Excerpt: “I told you to wait for me, Carlotta.” Jace stepped closer.


“If that’s what it took.” His deep voice melted over her.

“Did you wait for me?” she whispered.

“I’m here now.” His lips touched hers, a feather of a kiss.

She inhaled his scent, all heat and man and always, even in the spring, with a hint of ice in his essence. He would never live in a warm climate. If he had children, he’d be a hockey coach, surrounded by other ex-players who loved the game, its speed, the edge of violence, and the boisterous camaraderie.

“Carlotta,” he murmured, his lips nuzzling her ear. “I missed you.”

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Sneak Peek Sunday at Carly Carson

Eclipse 200x300Eclipse of the HeartNew Release

Six Sentence Sunday

Amanda opened her eyes to see Logan rise to his feet. Alarm barreled through her. Was he done with her? Would he make another of his abrupt departures? She glanced up at him, barely aware of what she was doing.

“That’s quite an effective look of appeal,” Logan said, his voice low. “I think I’m flattered.”

She tried to clear her thoughts. “I should be going home, I think.”

He chuckled. “Your words lack a certain note of conviction.”

“Are you done with dessert?”

“The ice cream is all gone, I’m afraid.” He bent over and scooped her up in his arms. “But licking is still on the menu.”

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