Spring Fling

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This story was originally released in the Breakaway anthology, which is no longer available.

Blurb: When spring break fun turns into crime, Susanna must choose between chasing bling and chasing a hot dolphin trainer. But straight-arrow Joaquin has no intention of being the boy toy of his flighty classmate. Too bad lust has such a good grip on him. 

Excerpt: I knew Joaquin was interested. He hadn’t been able to hide it when he’d clutched me against himself in the water. Not that an erection was such a big deal with a guy, but it gave me the little push I needed.

I trailed my hand down the front of his wetsuit, until I reached his waist. The suit was not sexy. But I heard him inhale a sharp breath and my imagination jumped into overdrive. I knew what was just below his waist, or at least what had been. Was he still aroused, even as he warned me off? He held still for a timeless moment, and we both wondered how far I’d go.

I had to know. My hand drifted lower, trapped between the sleek rubber of his wetsuit and the buoyant embrace of the green sea. I reached nirvana, right below his waistline. The bulge was unmistakable.

I touched it for one second as he sucked in another breath. Then my hand was jerked away, and crushed in his grip for another moment until he dropped it and moved away.

“I said no, Susanna.” His voice was deep and husky.

“Don’t you want me?”

“Of course I want you. I’ve spent the last half hour looking down into your cleavage and I’m harder than those poles holding up the tiki.” He nodded at the dock. “But in my world, you don’t just take what you want.”

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