Love Charm for Brenna

ARe-Carson-LoveCharm02-BrennaLove Charm for Brenna

Love Charm Series

Brenna casts her love charm at a ritzy Venetian masquerade ball. She knows exactly which guy she wants to win. But two intriguing men appear at the ball. Can she see beneath the disguises to her own true love, even if he’s the unexpected one?

Excerpt: Brenna moved away from Joe. “Let’s play a game, Joe. Our own masquerade game.”

Joe rocked back on his heels to skim his gaze over her. “Will I get to see you naked in this game?”

“Maybe.” She grabbed his coat from where he’d flung it over the chair. He’d put his black mask in his pocket—ah, there it was. She pulled it out.

“Put this on, Joe, so I can concentrate on your—body.”

He groaned. “You’re not blindfolding me, are you?”

“You’ll still be able to see. You’ll be a stranger I’m learning about.”

“And what about you?”

“Oh, the same.” She took the other mask off the coffee table and slipped it over her head.

“I’ll always know you, Brenna. I know your scent, your voice—”

“But you don’t know my body.”

He opened his mouth to speak and she grabbed his hand and placed it on her exposed breast. His fingers tightened on her.

Whatever he’d planned to argue seemed to be forgotten.

They stared at each other for a long moment, until Brenna knew she had to kiss him or die.

“Don’t you want me, Joe?” she whispered.

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