Quiraing – Island of Skye, Scotland

If you find yourself on the island of Skye, in Scotland, do take this walk known as The Quiraing. It’s in the north of Skye in the area known as ‘Trotternish’, and shows you the craggy, wild landscape of the Scottish Highlands. The view above shows the approach.

And here’s the trail. It was raining fairly hard so the trail was muddy and the grassy areas quite boggy. Despite the less than optimal conditions, the parking lot was full early in the morning. This is a popular hike.

Half the challenge of doing the hike is driving up the windy, single track road. Despite the one lane, this road has two-way traffic. If you look carefully, you’ll see two passing places where one car has to pull over to let the other pass. This is a scary challenge in misty weather, but everyone is polite and the driver with the nearest passing spot will pull over, although sometimes this maneuver requires reversing on the narrow road.

Here’s a closeup view of the cliff face. The drop-offs can be severe.

Finally, we took a picture with a couple of people in it to show the scale. The panoramas are awesome, and no pictures can really do them justice. But they do refresh our memories!

Who wants to visit Skye?