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CC-BICO-100x150 - CopyBaby, It’s Cold Outside

Blurb: Jenna entices the man of her dreams into providing a haven for the weekend during a New York City blizzard. Her tools are her flirting skills dressed up with a bit of deception. She needs to make amends for the great wrong she did to him five years ago. Sex on the side would be a huge bonus.

Though he’s never met her before, Grant is immediately drawn to this blizzard-bopping beach babe. He’ll do her, but he doesn’t do deception. He thinks he’s spotted her minor trickery, but the big secret that blew up his life is waiting in the wings…

And things are about to heat up.

Excerpt: Jenna frowned at Grant over the fragrantly steaming mug. “What’s in this, anyway?”

“Amaretto, Kahlua, hot milk and a little bit of the devil’s magic.” Grant gave her an exaggerated leer. “So I can have my wicked way with you.”

“I don’t doubt the bit about the devil’s magic,” she said tartly. “Your reputation precedes you.”

“So suspicious.” He leaned over and licked a spot of whipped cream out of the corner of her mouth. His blue eyes stared into hers as he withdrew his tongue back into his mouth. “Mmmm.” He licked his lips and leaned down again. “Open your mouth just a little so I can get that last bit,” he murmured.

Helplessly, still held by his gaze, she complied.

His warm tongue slid into her mouth.

Mmmmmm. Better than she’d ever imagined. Despite her resolve to maintain her distance, she fell into the kiss. Hard.

He tasted of the same delicious drink she was already enjoying. But he was even hotter. He brought his lips down on hers and sucked her tongue into his mouth. He was gentle, but insistent, as he delved into her mouth, and explored freely. When she moved toward him, he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer. She pressed against him, rubbing her breasts against him.

He groaned, deep in his chest. The sound electrified her. She grabbed his hair to hold his head for more kisses. Then she opened her mouth wider and wider, wanting more of him inside her. Their tongues dueled, his strong and sure, hers desperate. She could not get enough.

God, she was crazed with the need to have more of him. More of his hot scent of fire smoothed by brandy, more of his mouth, heat tasting of brandy, and more of his hard body that he’d shifted so that he leaned over her. He pressed her down into the embrace of the sofa and she yielded. She wanted more of his weight on her, more of his hands, more of everything.

But, Kate’s words still rang in her ears. Make him work for you.

She pulled back from his mouth, gasping.

“No,” he said. He lifted his head, his eyes scorching her. “I want more.” He latched onto her mouth again. His hands roamed up and down her back and then began to ease around to her front. Oh, she wanted him to touch her breasts, so badly. She whimpered.

And leaned away from him.

He raised his head again. His eyes were as blue as the gleam in the heart of the fire. “You gonna keep pulling away from me?”

“I—I don’t know.”

“What the hell does that mean?” He sat up, running his hands through his hair, as if he might clear up his thinking.

“It’s too much, isn’t it?”

“You’re asking me? I sure as hell don’t think so.”         ♥    ♥

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Hot Encounter – Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood200x300

Excerpt: Even as Red Riding Hood approached the darkest part of the woods, where tall pine trees blocked the sun, and the flowers disappeared, and the path faded to a black snarl lined by brooding ferns, still, she remained merry.

Granny was waiting for her goodies, the delicious treats that Red and her mama had baked at dawn. The scents of chocolate and vanilla teased Red’s nose, providing a pleasant counterpoint to the dark, pungent smell of the inner forest. Granny would ask her if she’d made any progress in finding a boy for her eighteenth birthday. Then she’d tell tales of her own misspent youth, leaving out the interesting parts.

Despite the missing parts, Red still enjoyed their talks.

A movement startled her, as a pair of keen gray eyes flashed unexpectedly in the gloom of the forest. She clutched her basket, aware suddenly that she was all alone and a tall man she didn’t know was leaning against one of the few oak trees that had managed to establish its dominance in this northern evergreen forest. Even more alarming, the man’s eyes were caressing her in a bold manner that the boys from the village would never attempt. (Her father would speak to them sharply if they did.)

“Little Red,” he said, in a deep voice that woke up the forest, and buzzed over her skin.

Her skips faltered, and then stopped altogether, as if his voice alone had thrown a barrier across the path.

“Good morning,” she managed. She was always polite. (Her mother had raised her that way and besides, her life was such that good manners were easy.)

He smiled, and the smile spread warmth over her, as if she were suddenly standing in sunshine on a bright summer day, rather than in the middle of a dark forest. A few rays of real sunshine suddenly sparkled in the dark green rooftop above her, like hidden gold coins among the dense leaves.

She stepped closer to the man. “Who are you?”

“Are you traveling to grandma’s house?” he asked, still with that lazy smile.


“Then I am the big, bad wolf,” he declared. “Surely you’ve heard of me?”

She nodded, suddenly alert, but for some reason, not afraid. “Every girl knows your tale.”

He straightened casually and stepped away from the tree. “Then you’ve been warned,” he said. “Let’s move on from the nursery tale.”

“Move on?” She clutched her basket, but her heart thudded with delight. He smelled like fire looked – hot and sparkling and blazing with heat and hope. She sucked in a deep breath of wonder.

Wolf’s arm reached out and snagged her waist. “You’ll give me a kiss, won’t you? A kiss is nothing new to you, I’m sure.”

She giggled. “I don’t kiss and tell, naughty wolf.”

“That’s good.” He pulled her closer, his touch gentle. “You’ll never want to tell what we do together.”      

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