Traveling for Water Fun

Hawaii 010Everyone loves vacations in sunny beach locations. But even when the beach beckons, my family would rather be active. Water sports are a lot of fun and can be tailored to all different ages.

The picture to the left is Hanelai Bay in Hawaii, famous on the Island of Oahu for its snorkeling. My family has snorkeled in many spots; it’s a good sport even for youngish children as long as you find a sheltered area. One of my kids recently became scuba certified and I would love to do that. But she has more time than I do.

This next picture is jet skiing, also in Hawaii. Hawaii 011It’s not my favorite sport, though many people love it. The last time I was on a jet ski was in Puerto Rico where we were vacationing with many of my husband’s friends. He felt compelled to race with one of them on the jet ski (which was also transporting moi). I was so mad at him, I made him stop the machine and I jumped off and swam to shore. He’s crazy and I’m sane (and he’s also not here to dispute my facts). That was it for me and the jet ski.

I used to love Sunfish sailing when I was younger, though I’m not a huge fan of regular sailboats. The fun part about a Sunfish (at least the way we played with it) is that it tips over constantly. I much preferred being tipped into the water than flying over it. I don’t know why.

Skiing – A Great Family Sport

skiingSkiing is a great sport – you’re outdoors, getting exercise, enjoying beautiful scenery, and having a few thrills! But it’s also cold.

Our home ski mountain is a small area with one main lift. You are bound to know people in the lift line because it’s such a small area. Usually, you identify your friends by knowing something specific about their snow gear – the helmet, the bright jacket, whatever they wear regularly.

So I was standing in the back of the line with a couple of my kids and someone at the front of the line was waving wildly and shouting hello back to me. She was dressed in a full snowsuit, plus ski hat, neck warmer, and goggles. There’s not much of the human to see.

I said to my kids, “That person seems to think she knows me. I don’t have a clue who she is.”

The kids answered, “Mom, that’s your sister.”

(It was. In my defense, she has a lot of different outerwear.)

Another story is from possibly the coldest day I’ve ever skied. My kids had a ski race at Killington mountain (in Vermont). It was -16 Fahrenheit at the base, but the ski races carry on, regardless of the weather. So two of my kids, about 8 and 10, were riding on a triple chair, with their friend who was 9 in the middle spot. It’s a ten to fifteen minute ride to the top. They were completely covered, including face masks, helmets and goggles, but they still didn’t want to move.

They got near the top and my oldest said, “I’m frozen solid. I can’t move.”

The youngest said, “I’m frozen too.”

The oldest said, “Erin (the friend), aren’t you cold?”

“Erin fell off at the bottom,” reported the youngest.

The oldest hadn’t even noticed. You just don’t move. You freeze and you suffer.

(Erin was rescued by her dad and my husband who were following the kids on the chair lift.)

Then you stand near the top of the mountain waiting for your turn to ski down, doing the run as fast as you possibly can. Why is this fun?

It just is. It’s a great family sport.