New Release!!! Love Charm for Fiona

I’m proud to release the sixth in my Love Charm Series.

Here’s the blurb for Love Charm for Fiona:

If you wish upon a star…

Fiona flees to the East Coast to escape the agony of losing her West Coast Marine fiancé in war. She needs to put a world of space between herself and all things military if she’s going to successfully resume her career as a painter.

Her new friend on Cape Cod, a mysterious fortuneteller, gives her a love charm. Even though Fiona doesn’t believe in fairy tales, a flicker of hope is rekindled in her heart. Perhaps magic can bring her fiancé back to life…he’s the only love she wants.

But a love charm has its own magic.

What Fiona gets is a surprise in the form of a Navy SEAL, exactly the type of man who has almost destroyed her once. Jack is the type of military special forces operator women love to lionize. But his job doesn’t allow for commitment. He has no choice but to be the ‘Hit it and Quit it’ kind of guy.

Fiona won’t have any trouble leaving him on the shore…unless fairy tales really do come true.


Despite the mild weather, October was off-season on Cape Cod, and Fiona had the beach to herself tonight. Well, there was one other car in the parking lot, a large black SUV, but she didn’t see any people. She wanted to walk barefoot but there was too much seaweed strewn over the sand. She strolled over to the windsurfing side of the beach and let the wind grab her hair and the skirt she was still wearing from her day at the fair.

The moon shone a gleaming path on the black ocean and she stared, unseeing, thinking about the path of her life. Or, rather the lack of a path in her life. She had no direction since she’d become unmoored with Andy’s death.

Until tonight, that aimlessness had always been fine with her. Who cared where she was going when she didn’t have anyone by her side? As an art teacher, she could more or less work anywhere. Her painting was a compulsion, a way for her to forget her loneliness, and a way to measure out her days. She wanted to sell professionally so she could give up her day job. At the same time, she suspected it was good for her to have to go to the schoolhouse five mornings a week. Otherwise, she might turn into a complete recluse.

Her skirt blew up suddenly, and she clamped down on it and was reminded of Zara’s gift in her pocket.

A love charm. What was the use of that when the only love she wanted was dead?

And then the idea hit her. Not that she believed in spells, but what did she have to lose? Why not follow Zara’s directions, throw the charm into the ocean, and wish for Andy to come back to her?

It wouldn’t work. She knew that. But she wouldn’t have lost anything.

If it did—no, she wouldn’t even entertain that hope. It would only set her up for disappointment, and it was a stupid hope. How could she believe in magical spells?

Without any further thought, she grabbed the silk packet, held it for a moment while its heat warmed her cold hand—then flung it as far as she could into the murmuring sea.

Bring my true love to me, she whispered into the night wind.

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New Release! Taken by a Navy SEAL

Blurb: Navy SEAL Declan Moynihan has orders to clandestinely shut down a notorious slave brothel in a Middle East war zone. Laila Catami, his accidental captive, is the mysterious woman being brought in to run the brothel. Or so she says.

Laila knows she’ll use anyone and any means to save her sister, even if that means using sex to destroy the honorable career of the Navy SEAL who accidentally rescues her.

A Navy SEAL follows the rules. A desperate woman, trapped in a Muslim world, must break them. Will he risk a court-martial, or even his life, to save her?


“Lie down,” Dec said gruffly. “I’ll cover you up.”

His words, with a semi-tender implication, surprised Laila. But she did as he said, lying down carefully to minimize messing up the blanket laid out on the field. Declan knelt beside her, his face expressionless. But there was something in his eyes as he picked up the edge of her blanket, drew it over her and tucked it in along the open side. His hands were impersonal, but gentle. His eyes—they carried a hint of pain which surprised her. What was he remembering? And why did his calm competence make her feel this protectiveness toward him? He could obviously take care of himself, and others as well. What could he need from her?

“Give her some room,” Declan suddenly barked at Zack, who was stretched out no more than a dozen feet away from her. “I don’t want you guys waking her when you switch out for guard duty.”

Zack mumbled something that didn’t sound flattering under his breath, but he stood up and moved his gear another dozen feet and downhill a bit.

Laila smiled at Declan. “Thanks,” she whispered. “This will be my first good night’s sleep in a long time.”

He raised his brows. “You only get four hours.”

“But I feel safe with you.” The words were out before she’d known she’d say them. Of course, they were true. She hadn’t felt safe since she’d landed in Turkey weeks ago. Tonight, she did. But her eyes flickered to Declan’s face. He wouldn’t want to hear anything so mushy. She knew that.

He surprised her with a slight smile. “I’ll do my best.”

The smile shot right into her heart. Wow. She hadn’t expected that. It was especially attractive in the midst of that rough beard.

In the next instant, she discovered her optimism about his gentleness had been misplaced.

Dec pulled out a pair of handcuffs from one of his many pockets. Not the plastic ties he’d used on her earlier. These were metal cuffs, gleaming in the moonlight.

“Give me your hand,” he said.

“Are you kidding?”

“Not even a little bit.” He waited.

“You have a guard standing over there.” She pointed at Harp. “How could I escape?”

“Look,” he said with exaggerated patience. “I don’t have a fucking clue what you’re doing out here. I doubt if there’s a single word of truth in that bullshit you fed us. So I’m not feeling trusting, okay?”

“That’s interesting,” she snapped. “I’m supposed to believe you all are a bunch of hikers even though you only sleep for four hours at a time, and mount a guard.”

“Believe what you want.” He hovered over her. “This area has a lot more military activity than we’d been led to believe. Our only goal now is to get the hell out. Hence the speed and the caution.”

“I’ll be happy to get out of here myself,” she snapped.

“This is not a debate.” He reached over, slid his hand under the blanket and had one cuff fastened around her wrist before she knew what was happening.

“How am I supposed to sleep like this?” She waved her arm.

“The same way I will.” He snapped the other cuff around his own wrist. “Uncomfortably.”

“It’s pretty pathetic when you need to handcuff a woman to get her to stay near you,” she said lamely.

His eyes glinted suddenly. “Sometimes it’s fun.”





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36 thoughts on “Home

  1. My favorite romantic winter activity is iceskating – outside on the frozen pond!
    Thanks for the chance to win! I love the winter/snowbound books because the situation always forces two people who are strangers or who don’t get along to comfort and discover each other. Love a good passion in a secluded snowy setting!
    kacidesigns AT yahoo DOT com

  2. I still, despite the winter, love to go outside and enjoy the snow 🙂
    thanks for sharing the excerpt!


  3. Downhill skiing, but it’s the cozy fire after the day outdoors that’s the romantic part. coletteplumley at yahoo dot com

  4. Hi Everyone, Thanks for stopping by. I had some trouble with my new Disqus comment system and had to finally delete it. Also, I got my link fixed for The Naked Male Tour of Austria blog. Sorry about that.
    Kaci, you read my mind. I originally had written an interview with the 2 main characters of Baby, and the heroine had chosen ice-skating on a pond as her favorite! I used to love that as a kid. The hero, like Colette, chose downhill skiing, but he was thinking of picking snowmobiling.

  5. We have a lot of cuddlers here! I guess it’s because you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t like romance. Dovile, the candles are a nice touch. Karina, I love to see kids playing in the snow and I love how quiet things are when it’s snowing. Godan and Harvester, keep warm under those covers.

  6. Cassandra, my hero makes the heroine a nice hot toddy when they get snowbound. lol. A little more than a hot chocolate, though I personally would prefer the hot chocolate.
    Susan, nothing better than a good book. The romance of a great story is awesome.

  7. Nothing exciting. I hate the cold so I mostly drink hot chocolate and snuggle up with a steamy book.
    Loved the Scotsman story 😀

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    pinkbonanza{ AT }gmail{ DOT }com

  8. My fav winter activity is snuggling!! Very romantic!
    Thanks for hopping!

  9. Krista, I hope you don’t live in a cold climate. I liked that Scotsman myself. lol

  10. Yes, me and my loved one (AKA Kindle) LOVE to snuggle up under the blankets with some hot cocoa and enjoy long, meaningful nights together. 🙂 Thanks so much for taking part in the hop and for the giveaway,

  11. When it is cold and snowy, I stay in doors! I fell about 4 years back and totally screwed up my back & hip so I loathe the snow! Now, I just curl up with a blanket and drink, and my kindle an stay were I am safe.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  12. One of my favorite winter memories of me and my husband is after a big blizzard. The next day we went out and played in the snow with our dog and then came inside and drank hot chocolate and cuddled up watching movies.

  13. Hottubbing in the snow…that’s my favorite!
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  14. Hottubbing-excellent! I actually have a short story that takes place in Nantucket featuring a hot tub. (It’s not published.) So many sexy possibilities!

  15. Staying indoors and watching tv with my honey all cuddles up. Loved the post! I can’t wait to read all these new books and meet new authors!!!!!Thanks for the giveaway and can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!!!!!!

    [email protected]

  16. Stephanie, I bet the dog loved it too! We have a new puppy and it was so much fun to watch him with his first snow.

  17. I found some authors I want to read, also. So many great books! Thanks for stopping by, Kimmy!

  18. Jan, you’re in good company here. We have a lot of people here who like their hot cocoa a lot more than they like the snow!

  19. My favorite winter activity is calendar watching, you know counting the days until it gets warm again.

  20. Forgot to ask: Do I have to go to Austria to get flashed by a kilt wearing Scotsman? I have put that on my bucket list.

  21. Nancy, lol, well, I’ve only been flashed by a Scotsman in Austria. Never in Scotland. Of course, it was Oktoberfest and the large quantities of beer flowing may have been a factor.

  22. Hi Everyone, Thanks for visiting my snowbound spot. The winner of the Amazon gift certificate is Colette Plumley. Congratulations, Colette! I’ll be contacting you directly.
    To thank you all for participating, I’d like to offer each of you a free copy of Baby, It’s Cold Outside. If you’re interested in receiving one, please let me know either by saying ‘yes’ on your comment, or by using my Contact form. Be sure you let me know what format you prefer. I hope you all had fun on the hop!

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